Campaign system and brand extensions.

With only a campaign line to go on, we built an entirely new way to promote a Major League team year-round. It was a hit.

How to promote a team year-round, not just during the season? Walking down the supermarket aisle provided the answer: Instead of treating the Oakland A's like any other MLB franchise—which they clearly are not—promote them as a consumer product brand, like an everyday purchase. More akin to a box of pasta, a pound of beef, or a carton of milk. So, instead of selling season ticket packages and pushing game-day promotions in the typical baseball vernacular, approach the team that plays different like your favorite consumer brand. A different brand of baseball.

In implementing the team-as-consumer-product idea, we left practically nothing untouched. Starting with the logo. We didn't have one. Or rather, only one. We developed an entire suite of logo treatments based on the idea of the supermarket shelf and the array of products along the shopping aisle all vying for our attention. All of the IDs contained the heritage A's symbol to hold the suite together visually. Embracing this idea fully, every execution—ads, TV spot end frames, apparel, collectibles—circulated through a library of ID treatments like the ones below. It made the system always fresh, unexpected, and adaptable while avoiding the usual sports merchandizing approach.

Identity system and brand extensions.

Call the logo what it is, a brand. By doing so, all the applications of the logos harkened back to the position line. And then make the tribe (fans and nonfans alike) want to be part of that brand by putting it on cool things, not just emblazoned on baseball caps and T-shirts, but use the team-as-product idea to drive endless iteration. And, boy did we.

Creative Presentation

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All-Star Promotional Giveaways

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Ticket promotion ice cream truck.

To promote attendance, the refurbished ice cream truck traveled the neighborhood on the day before game day to give away a select number of tickets. The speaker (cone) at the top plays "Take Me Out to the Ball Game."

It's What to Drink (to Not Get Drunk) During the Game

We Branded Every Touch Point, Down to the Last Drop

Cork wine, not bats.

Wine for the suites.